The Smok Pen – AN EXCELLENT Alternative to a Pental Pen

smok pen

The Smok Pen – AN EXCELLENT Alternative to a Pental Pen

The Smok Pen is a very exciting new fountain pen you could hold in your hand. It looks and works just like a real pen. However, it has the opportunity to write on nearly every surface. If you want to write on the whiteboard then this is the perfect pen for you.

This could be considered a portable version of a fountain pen because it is small enough to match into your pocket or purse. I have seen many people complain about the fact that pens are too large and heavy to write with. Well, now you certainly do not need to worry about that because this pen is ultra-portable. It weighs less than two ounces, making it an ideal size for carrying anywhere.

When I first viewed buying this pen I was a bit disappointed that there were no refill cartridges to get like many other pens. I did so however find out that if you purchase a compatible ink cartridge then you can use most of the popular makes of ink. So, this should help your writing experience immensely.

The Smok Pen looks excellent. I have seen pictures out of all the different models. They all look good and have their own unique style. The one I love the most may be the black one. I have also seen Vape Pen Battery other colors however they look pretty cool too.

I have tried a variety of brands of pens when writing. For some reason, I always seem to prefer the Smok Pens. Maybe it is because I like the direction they write or maybe it is just my preference. Either way, I am very happy with my choice.

The cost of this pen is quite affordable. I’ve seen it sold for only twenty dollars occasionally. The best place to get these is on eBay. You can also find them in a few big box shops.

I really like the new batteries that come with every Smok Pen. You simply pop them in and you also are ready to write. They also have a small ink tube. I recommend buying a handful of these in order that you have one on standby for emergencies. Should anyone ever lose your pen, it is possible to always get a replacement from Bic, the manufacturer. Bic makes great pens for several of one’s writing needs.

To be able to get yourself a new pen but don’t possess a lot of cash, consider investing in a refurbished pen. I have found a few places online which will refurbish your pen for free and ship it for you. I have bought from them before and they were great. You can usually find them in your typical department store as well. It is definitely worth looking.

One more thing to take into account is how easy it really is to completely clean your Smok Pen. A few of these pens have a particular liquid that you can use to clean them. I don’t personally like the smell of the liquid, but I suppose some people just like the smell. The way I understand it, in case you are constantly writing at the top of your hand, i quickly guess the smell isn’t as important as some people may think. If you are just writing notes or doingodling, then maybe a regular liquid cleansing pen will undoubtedly be best.

One thing I do recommend is getting a pen case to go with your Pen. These cases have become handy. I have one that I use whenever I travel. I keep my other pens inside the case and whenever I need to write on my phone or take down notes, I can simply take out the Pen. No more searching for a place to write.

With regards to writing, I usually only think about my Smok Pen. I use it each day for school, work, and everything in between. It’s become this type of comfortable part of my life that I don’t think I possibly could imagine life without it. It has even become a part of my daily routine to look through some of my old notes from when I was in school.

The Smok Pen is another great pen for anybody to try. In the event that you haven’t had a chance to try one out yet, I highly suggest it. You will not be disappointed in how great they’re. If you are a student or perhaps a teacher, I highly recommend that you get one for yourself. You’ll be thankful you did.